Feb 18, 2012

NaHaiWriMo, Day 18

late day gusts
an argument rattles
the window


Dave Serjeant said...

Hi Nicole - I've just been enjoying your NaHaiWriMo posts. I hope they haven't been keeping you awake in the early hours, like they have with me. Sandal has me stumped so far. Good to see you writing again.

Nicole Hyde said...

Hi Dave! So good to talk with you! Yes, I've recently begun to write the occasional poem again and NaHaiWriMo has really helped. "Nachos" was a diabolical prompt, diabolical! LOL I just gave up on that one. Thanks for the encouraging words on my wee poems and I'll mosey over on to your blog later today to read. :-)

Dave Serjeant said...

Thanks Nicole. Yes nachos caused me some problems too (I see you 'copped out'). At least NaHaiWriMo has broken my writers block and has inspired a new project that I hope to be working on over the next couple of months. Got to keep the momentum going!