Jun 13, 2010


this is
not a poem
about chrysanthemums


Mark Holloway said...

Wow, Nicole. It might be the strong black coffee, but I think it's this poem that's set me all a-buzz. Absolutely love it, although I can't put into words why. Relationship between title, poem - and label,actually - fantastic!

Nicole Hyde said...

Mark, thank you! To me, this is my statement about English Language Haiku and how often and shamelessly we (mis)appropriate cultural and literary symbols from traditional Japanese Haiku. I'm included in that too. LOL

I'm delighted that you enjoyed the poem! :-)

Nicole Hyde said...

...oh, and part of the way I had fun was to have it read two ways: straight through as not being about chrys. and then reading the first & third line together. I have a weird sense of humor, me thinks. LOL

bandit said...

I like the new template, Nic.

Nicole Hyde said...

Thanks Bandit. I'm kinda diggin' it myself. :-)

Melissa Allen said...

Ceci n'est pas une pipe.

(I wrote a non-haiku poem recently that ends with the lines "This is not what I meant to write/And it is not poetry." Maybe I'll post it on the blog...)